Unlike other renewable energy sources dependent upon the sun or wind, geothermal electrical generation provides a sustainable flow of power 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To date geothermal power plants have proven to require much less down time than methods using fossil fuels and without harmful carbon emissions.
Relying upon the heat of the earth offers an infinite source of energy for the future!

Titan Wire & Cable supports this industry with:

• Overhead distribution (ACSR, AAC, & 6201 Alloy)

• Single & Multi-Conductor Medium Voltage (Armored & Non-armored)

• Transformer Lead Wire (2KV or 5/15KV)

• Process Power & Control (Armored & Non-armored)

• Instrumentation (300V, 600V, Armored & Non-armored)

• Thermocouple (Armored & Non-armored)

• Variable Frequency Drive (Armored & Non-armored)

• Fiber Optic

• Data Highway (Armored & Non-armored)

• Grounding (Bare & Tinned)

• Lightning Protection

Our team at Titan Wire & Cable has extensive experience supplying products to geothermal construction sites and maintenance programs throughout the world.

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