From individual home power to utility scale & offshore installations wind energy fills a crucial part of the generation mix that supplies reliable electric service to consumers.

Titan Wire & Cable offers the following materials to this segment of the industry:

1)     15 – 35KV Underground Distribution (URD, MV90 & MV105)

2)     MV Cable Terminations (Cold & Heat Shrink)

3)     5 – 15KV Turbine Service Loop (MMV-WP)

4)     Transformer Jumper (2KV or 5/15KV)

5)     Process Power & Control (Armored & Non-armored)

6)     Instrumentation (300V, 600V, Armored & Non-armored)

7)     600V – 2KV Portable Power (DLO, G-GC & Type W)

8)     Variable Frequency Drive (Armored & Non-armored)

9)     Fiber Optic

10)   Grounding (Bare & Tinned)

11)   Lightning Protection

At Titan Wire & Cable we take pride in supporting all technologies of the alternative energy market with quality products and unparalleled service.

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