Cable Managment Solutions with Sealcon

By teaming up with Sealcon/Hummel Titan can provide the best possible cable management components, Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings, (M16, M23, M27 & M40) Circular Connectors, Ethernet Connectors (RJ45), Flexible Conduit and related products. Hummel is the leading German manufacturer of liquid tight strain relief fittings and accessories.   These products meet UL, CSA and European VDE standards. Hummel is ISO 9001 quality certified and has continuously developed leading edge technology solutions. Hummel is the only connector that is UL 746C which is suitable for outdoor use with respect to exposure to ultraviolet light, water exposure and immersion. The material has met both UV and water exposure or immersion requirements as called out in UL 746C.

If Titan doesn’t have the product you need in our warehouse Sealcon gives us unlimited access to their $25 Million inventory. They will ship same day from their Colorado location so you can be certain you won’t have to wait long for your product. They replenish their stock weekly and can respond to changing demands quickly.

Titan knows that the only way for our relationship to grow with our customers is to offer the most products at the highest quality and we feel Sealcon accomplishes that.

Monroe Titan Support