The Snake Tray Advantage

Titan is always in the market to find products that help speed up your Solar installations and lower your labor costs and with Snake Tray we have done just that.

Snake Tray holds over 20 patents on products found nowhere else. These products provide superior on-the-job performance, eliminate time-consuming labor like wire cutting, remove the need for additional mounting hardware, reduce shipping and handling costs, and dramatically reduce contractor installation time – by up to 50% per project.

Solar Snake Tray

Solar Snake Tray® is a hand bendable stainless steel cable conveyance that quickly and securely carries DC circuitry from solar panels to their terminations. This all weather cable conveyance changes directions easily by hand and installs quickly with its built-in mounting rings. Trays connect together with a single connector bolt.Snake tray is also manufactured using solar power . Snake Tray is the first carbon zero manufacturer in the electrical industry. Snake Tray expects to produce 100 percent of its load and 120 percent of its energy consumption annually.

Ballasted Roof Mount Anchor for Cable Trays and Conduit

Snake Feet ballasted roof mount anchor uses common cement block ballast and supports Solar Snake Tray® cable tray and conduit in carrying PV cables from solar arrays to the combiners boxes and inverters. Snake Feet is also available with a strut mount system as well as many custom brackets to attach to virtually any roof top ballasted component.

Solar Pole Mount System Mounting Accessories

Solar Snake Tray for Pole Mounts has a built-in mounting rail for attaching combiner boxes and is available with optional seismic dampeners. Solar Snake Tray nests together for eco friendly shipping and easy onsite material handling. This UL classified cable management system is capable of spanning distances in excess of 30 feet and is designed with integrated supports.

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