Titan now Stocking SMK Solar Connectors

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking SMK Solar connectors; Along with crimping tools and custom 6 inch cable adapters with any combination you need.  

Sharp panels are now being shipped over to the US with SMK solar connectors and we felt that in order to “Provide Solutions” for our customers we needed to start stocking these very impressive connectors.

From the SMK Press Release 

This connector is designed to relay cables emerging from photovoltaic cell modules.  Under such circumstances and with our eyes focused on the big potential for further expansion lying in this market, we developed the “photovoltaic cell module connector” excellent in contact performance, waterproofing property and workability, and recently earned UL recognition.

-Excellent contact performance is a reality with our proprietary multi-point contact system. (Patent pending)
– Easier and tool-free application of waterproofing property around cables is possible due to our exclusive waterproofing structure (top and bottom cover system) for excellence in waterproofing performance and workability. (Patent pending)
– A locking mechanism is featured.  The locking section cannot be manually undone. (Patent pending)
– Capable of handling a large current.
-A copper alloy spring material is used for superb electrical conductivity.
– A plastic material with excellent weatherability and flame retardancy (UL94V-0) is used.
– UL recognized.

To order please call 1-888-356-1662 or vist our storefront

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