PV Connectors – Intermatability and is it UL recognized?

The success of the PV market in the United States has caused overcrowding of solar connectors in the industry. There are well over 30 different manufactures on the market today. This email will feature the connectors that Titan currently stocks and the compatibility of those connectors.

Many of the connectors “claim to fame” is that they are compatible with the industry standard, Multi-Contact’s MC4 connector. Physically this might be true, but mating two different connector brands is not covered under the conditions of acceptability for recognition of the MC4 Connector. This certification document can be found here: Multi-Contact

Currently, no connector is listed or recognized by any listing agency for interconnection with any other brand of connectors.

To ease this challenge and to allow our customers the option to continue to make recognized connections, Titan supplies several adapter cables to help installers use the connector they prefer while keeping the integrity of the connection.

Titan proudly stocks the following connectors:


Currently Titan is able to offer any combination of the above connectors for your custom cable adapter. Each adapter is 6 inches long with your requested connectors on both ends.

Example: MC4 to SMK with 6 inches of PV wire
We have found out that cost is what drives most installers in the direction of one connector over the other. But we suggest mating pairs from the same company to insure that the connector recognitions and module and inverter listings stay fully maintained. Here at Titan we want our customers to make informed decisions about what connectors to use. If you have any more questions regarding any of the above please contact your sales rep.

Monroe Titan Support