Heyco-Tite Solar Mastheads

Titan Wire and Cable is excited to provide this new option for Solar Installation.  

  • Integral Sealing Ring ensures a superior seal at the clearance or threaded mounting hole location, every time.
  • IP 68 Rated.
  • Break-Thru Skinned-Over glands in the Solar Masthead II Cordgrips offer flexibility to use from 1 to 31 of the available holes while still providing a liquid tight seal around the wire.
  • Provide a watertight seal for PV module output leads to inverters.
  • Designed for use with 12 and 10 AWG USE-2 or 12 and 10 AWG 1000V PV wire.
  • Designed for solar rooftop or combiner box installations.
  • Secure input PV leads from solar panel array strings to fuse holder hookup within solar combiner boxes.
  • Use in some residential rooftop solar applications may eliminate the need for combiner box when appropriate threaded adaptor is used.
  • UV resistant nylon construction with TPE or Buna N Sealing Gland resists salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease, and common solvents.
  • No disassembly required for installation.
  • Generous wrenching flats for ease of assembly.

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