How Much Does it Cost to Charge an EV at a Public Charging Station

Cost To Charge Electric Vehicles

The cost to charge an electric vehicle can vary greatly due to different charging station network companies and their pricing model. Electrify America, a common charging station in the south, charges by kilowatt per hour (kWh). Electrify America prices change per state/location and can vary from $0.30/min to $0.45/min. Many stations, including Electrify America, offer a membership program that features a lower kWh price.

The membership price averages around $0.10 lower than their standard pricing. ChargePoint might be the largest charging station network in the United States but with its unique approach to stations, it’s impossible to know exactly how much you’ll spend at a ChargePoint station. ChargePoint sells the charging station to the location and the owner of the location sets how much the station charges. This article aims to help explain how a multitude of different factors could

Electric Vehicle Batteries

Your vehicle’s battery might affect how much it costs as well as some older batteries have a safety feature that slows down charging. If you are charging at a charger that charges by the minute, the back half of your battery will cost more. There are some free charging stations scattered across the country, free chargers are commonly found in small to medium-sized towns but they are commonly the only charger in that town.

Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

To find electric vehicle charging stations around you try downloading a charging station app or visit a website that has a map of all charging stations. Please keep in mind the apps and websites are not 100% as new charging stations are emerging every day.


It’s hard to give an exact answer to how much charging at a public station will cost due to the wide variety of charging station companies and their different pricing structures. The easiest way to know how much you’ll spend at a public station is to look at a charging station app, the most common app is called PlugShare.

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