Solar DC Wiring Solutions

wire harnesses over molding

Full Engineering Analysis & Take off of Site Plan

  • Convenience of turn-key site plan solution
  • Full review of project drawings & specifications
  • Analysis of site plan to determine required home run lengths
    and harnesses
  • ID style and number of harnesses


• Bifacial Modules
• First Solar Modules
• Designs for 1500V and 1000V system architecture
• Multiple cable gauge and color options available (#6-#10)
• Multiple stranding options for each gauge
Available Color Options include:
• Red
• Black
• White
Multiple Connector options
• Staubli MC4
• Jinko PV-JK03M
• Tlian T4-PC
• Trina TS4
• TE Connectivity PV4-S
• Other connectors upon request to match modules

Fused Jumpers

• Fused or non-fused jumper options
• String/Circuit specific labels to reduce labor and mistakes
• Reeled or packaged properly to ensure ease of installation
• Custom lengths, fuses, colors, and wire gauge to suit all applications

Combiner Box Whips

• Combiner box whips assembled onto cord grips for plug and play solution
• Ready to plug into homeruns – just match specified circuit nomenclature
• Ready to terminate in combiner boxes
• Cables stripped to length ensuring no nicked or broken strands
• Labeled circuits for easy install and coordination with combiner
box fusing

Extenders and HomeRuns

• Cut to length, labeled, and terminated
• Homeruns packaged/reeled on a per row or combiner
box basis
• Reduces waste and labor
• Connectors per site plan and/or modules
• High quality terminations and crimps

All of our custom DC Wiring harnesses are 3rd party verified and go through a rigorous quality test to ensure all harnesses are functional and defect free. Manufactured and checked to meet IPC/WHMA specs and all components used are UL listed products. Harnesses are ETL listed to UL 9703 specs.

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