The Benefits of T-Tap Wire Connectors

T-tap wire connectors are commonly used to tap into wires. They are characterized by their T-shaped design. Also known as T-splice connectors, they feature three points of entry for wires. You can install a T-tap wire connector in a wire, after which you can tap into the wire from the third point of entry. What are the benefits of using T-tap wire connectors exactly?

No Cutting or Stripping Required

Most types of T-tap wire connectors don’t require any cutting or stripping. You won’t have to manually cut the wires, nor will you have to strip the insulation off the ends of the wires.

T-tap wire connectors are self-stripping. You’ll still have to use a crimping tool, but you won’t have to cut or strip the wires. Crimping a T-tap wire connector onto a wire will strip the wire automatically. As a result, T-tap wire connectors are easy to use.

Heavy-Duty Contacts

Like all connectors, T-tap wire connectors have electrical contacts. They consist of a T-shaped plastic shell or housing with electrical contacts inside of them. The electrical contacts inside of T-tap wire connectors, though, are heavy duty.

T-tap wire connects typically have copper contacts. Copper is prized for its superior level of conductivity. It’s also a strong and durable metal that’s able to withstand regular usage without degrading. With copper contacts, T-tap wire connectors last a long time.

Resistant to Vibrations

T-tap wire connectors are resistant to vibrations. After crimping a T-tap connector onto a wire, you can rest assured knowing that it will remain in place. T-tap wire connectors offer a secure connection that’s resistant to vibrations.

Other types of wire connectors may offer little or no protection against vibrations. When exposed to vibrations, wires may pull away from the electrical contacts inside of the connectors. Eventually, vibrations may break the circuit. You can tap into wires without fear of vibrations breaking the circuit by using T-tap connectors.

Available in Different Sizes

You can find T-tap wire connectors in different sizes. The size of a T-tap wire connector will determine the size of the wire with which it can be used.

When shopping for T-tap wire connectors, pay attention to the American Wire Gauge (AWG) ratings. T-tap wire connectors, as well as wires, often feature an AWG rating. AWG ratings are sizes. You’ll need to choose T-tap wire connectors with the same AWG rating as the wire or wires with which you intend to use it.

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