Florida Duke Energy Customers get new cost effective way to go Solar!

Duke Energy, one of the nation’s largest energy holding companies, is asking residential, small/medium business, and income-qualified customers in Florida to sign up for Clean Energy Connection, the company’s new community solar initiative.

Customers that subscribe to the service will earn bill credits for the solar energy generated as a result of their participation, allowing them to save money over time without having to install or operate their own solar systems.

Customers must subscribe to “kilowatt blocks” of solar power from the company’s Clean Energy Connection solar portfolio to receive the benefits. The monthly subscription charge, which is conveniently added to a customer’s regular utility bill, will help pay for the building and operation of the company’s solar plants.

The monthly subscription charge is currently set at $8.35 per kW. A consumer that uses 1,000 kWh per month could subscribe to a 4- or 5-kilowatt block to cover their whole monthly usage. Subscribers receive monthly bill credits based on the size of their subscription and the amount of solar energy produced by Clean Energy Connection solar projects.

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