What Are Split Bolt Connectors?

Copper wire

When connecting two or more pieces of copper wire, you may want to use a split bolt connector. Split bolt connectors are a popular choice for copper wire. They don’t require any special tools. As long as the ends of the wires have been stripped, you can use a split bolt connector to join them. To learn more about split bolt connectors, keep reading.

Overview of Split Bolt Connectors

Split bolt connectors are wire connectors that consist of an open or split bolt. Bolts, of course, are threaded fasteners. Split bolt connectors are threaded fasteners that have been split. In other words, they are open in the middle of the shank. With their split design, split bolt connectors support wires.

You can place wires inside of the open part of a split bolt connector to join them. Like all connectors, split bolt connectors are designed to join two or more wires. They will allow electricity to flow from one wire to the other wires.

How to Use Split Bolt Connectors

To use a split bolt connector, you’ll need to start by stripping the ends of the wires. Split bolt connectors are typically used in conjunction with copper wire. If there’s insulation covering the copper wire, you’ll need to strip it so that the conductive copper is exposed.

After stripping the ends of the copper wires, you can place the exposed ends inside of the split bolt connector. All split bolt connectors have an open shank. The shank of a bolt is solid. The shank of a split bolt connector, conversely, is open.

There’s typically a nut at the bottom of a split bolt connector. Twisting this nut will allow you to tighten the split bolt connector. As you turn it clockwise, the nut will rise while subsequently pressing into the connected wires.

Tips on Choosing Split Bolt Connectors

You can find split bolt connectors made of different materials. Copper is a common material in which split bolt connectors are made. Many split bolt connectors are made entirely of copper. Others are made of bronze, copper alloy or bronze alloy. Regardless, you should choose split bolt connectors made of a conductive material.

Make sure you choose split bolt connectors in the right size. The size of a split bolt connector will determine the size of the wire with which it can be used. If it’s too small, you may not be able to connect your wires to it.


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