What to Look for in Solar Cable Clips

Solar cable clips offer a simple and effective way to manage photovoltaic (PV) wire. Solar panel installations require PV wire. You must connect the solar panels with PV wire. Whether you use a series or parallel wiring configuration, though, you’ll need to secure the PV wire in place.

Solar cable clips are designed specifically to secure PV wire in place. You can snap them on the edges of your solar panel frames — or other mounting channels — after which you can run the PV wire through them. Here are several essential features to look for in solar cable clips.

Weather-Resistant Material

You should choose solar cable clips made of a weather-resistant material. All solar panels are installed outdoors where they are exposed to the elements. Over time, exposure to the elements can cause some solar cable clips to degrade.

To prevent this from happening, look for a weather-resistant material when choosing solar cable clips. Stainless steel is a strong, weather-resistant material that works well for solar cable clips. It won’t succumb to rust or corrosion even when used outdoors for long periods.

Coined Edges

Before buying solar cable clips, check the edges. Solar cable clips with coined edges offer better protection against PV wire damage than those with sharp edges.

Coined edges are smooth, so they won’t damage PV wire. Solar cable clips with sharp edges, conversely, may damage PV wire. As the PV wire rubs against the sharp edges, the jacket may tear while subsequently exposing the inner conductor.

90-Degree vs 180-Degree Angle

Most solar cable clips offer either a 90- or 180-degree. A 90-degree angle is the most common. Solar cable clips with a 90-degree angle are easy to use. You can snap them on the edges of solar panels, and then you can run the PV wire through them. While most solar cable clips offer a 90-degree angle, though, some of them offer a 180-degree angle.

PV Wire Type

Something else to look for when choosing solar cable clips is support for the appropriate type of PV wire. Different types of solar cable clips support different types of PV wire.

Make sure the solar cable clips support the PV wire with which you intend to use them. Large solar clips will typically support thicker PV wire. In addition to PV wire, some solar cable clips also support micro inverter wire, meaning you can use them to secure the wire for micro solar inverters.

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