Solar Panel Mounting Systems and Components


Customers who purchase solar panels often choose one of the two mounting options—roof mounts or ground mounts. The best system will vary depending on the constraints and requirements of the application. For instance:

Solar customers can mount solar panels to available space on their roofs using roof mounts. They can support the entire weight of a solar system and are appropriate for reasonably modern constructions. They are easier and less expensive to install than ground mounts, and they typically don’t need any additional structural support.

Customers have the option to place their solar systems anywhere on their land thanks to ground mounts. In comparison to roof mounts, they can be cleaned and maintained more easily and are separate structures. They frequently have greater installation costs, though.

There is a third choice—pole mounts—for clients who have little to no open space on their property (including on their rooftops). The solar panels are raised above the ground using stout vertical poles in pole mounts, a version of ground mounts. They allow for simple repair and upkeep and give consumers the option to change the panel’s orientation to maximize solar input.

Components of a Solar Panel Mounting System


One of the most often used parts of solar mounting systems are solar panel mounting brackets. Like all mounting and racking solutions, these robust components are frequently composed of stainless steel or aluminum and must abide by stringent industry standards.


Roof mount setups make use of solar panel mounting clamps. To keep the solar panels in place, these parts use stainless steel setscrews to adhere to the seam of the panels. The system is not harmed or the seam is not entirely penetrated when the setscrews are tightened because they compress the seam material against the opposing side of the clamp. Threaded holes may also be present in each clamp set, along with the stainless steel hardware that is included, to make it easier to connect extra items.

Products for managing wire in solar panels

When solar panels are put outside, their components are exposed to challenging environmental factors like direct sunlight, sweltering heat, and weather elements like rain, snow, and hail. The safety of the operators as well as the dependability and lifespan of the solar panel system are ensured by employing effective wire management, which helps prevent damage to crucial system components.

The following are some of the most popular solar panel wire management products:

  • Hangers. In ground mount configurations, wire hangers are helpful for managing wires. The ones from Nine Fasteners hold up to 25 wires and are constructed of hard drawn galvanized steel.
  • Clips. For controlling cables in roof mount configurations, wire clips are appropriate. Standard models of the Nine Fastener wire management clips are composed of either 410 stainless steel or 301 12 hard stainless steel. For incredibly unique or complicated applications, custom fabrication solutions are available.

At OneMonroe Titan, we supply standard solar mounting hardware, including rails, bolts and screws, clamps, and wiring clips and hangers. All of our hardware is designed, sampled, tooled, and manufactured right here in the USA. This quality, combined with our inventory management services, ensures the timely delivery of high-quality products. For additional information or to learn more about OneMonroe and how they can help you on your project call 1-844-856-1276.

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