What Are Hyperboloid Connectors?

For some wiring applications, pin and socket connectors will suffice. They are commonly used for low-voltage electrical wiring. Pin and socket connectors use a male and female design. The pin is the male, whereas the socket is the female. It’s a simple design that makes them easy to use.

But some wiring applications may require more rugged connectors, such as hyperboloid connectors. Hyperboloid connectors still use a male and female design, but they can withstand harsher, more extreme environments than their traditional pin and socket counterparts.

Overview of Hyperboloid Connectors

Hyperboloid connectors are electrical connectors that feature a basket-like design for the socket. As previously mentioned, they still use a male and female design — just like traditional pin and socket connectors. But only hyperboloid connectors feature a basket-like design for the socket.

The socket is the female. In hyperboloid connectors, the socket typically consists of gold-plated wires that are twisted together like a basket. This results in a hyperbolic shape, hence the name “hyperboloid connectors.” Hyperboloid pin connectors can plug into these basket-like socket connectors.

Origins of Hyperboloid Connectors

Contrary to popular belief, hyperboloid connectors aren’t new. They’ve been around for about a century. The first hyperboloid connector was invented by Wilhelm Harold Frederick in 1920.

In the mid-1900s, other hyperboloid connectors emerged. Since then, more and more people have switched from using traditional pin and socket connectors to using hyperboloid connectors.

Benefits of Hyperboloid Connectors

What benefits do hyperboloid connectors offer exactly? For starters, they are easy to use. Research shows that hyperboloid connectors require about 40% less force to insert than traditional pin and socket connectors. You can place a hyperboloid pin connector into a basket-like socket connector.

Hyperboloid connectors offer greater contact than their traditional counterparts. The entire basket-like socket connector will wrap around the pin. And since it’s made of gold-plated wires — or a similar conductive metal — it will offer greater contact than other types of connectors.

One of the greatest benefits of hyperboloid connectors is their ability to withstand extreme environments. They can withstand heat, moisture, vibrations, dust and other environmental conditions — all while maintaining conductivity.

In Conclusion

Many electrical connectors feature a pin and socket design. Hyperboloid connectors still feature a pin and socket design, but the socket connector is characterized by a hyperbolic shape. Hyperboloid socket connectors consist of gold-plated wire that’s twisted together, similar to that of a woven basket. Benefits of hyperboloid connectors include ease of use, greater contact with the pin and the ability to withstand extreme environments.

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