What Is a Cable Puller Tool?

When running cables indoors, you may need to use a cable puller tool. Some cables span over 100 feet. Running cables long distances such as this may require the use of a cable puller tool. It will allow you to easily pull the cables through narrow or otherwise small conduits that you can’t access by hand.

What Is a Cable Puller Tool?

A cable puller tool is a handheld tool that’s designed to pull cables through a conduit. If you can’t access a conduit by hand — or you can’t extend your hand all the way through the conduit — you may struggle to run a cable through it. A cable puller tool offers a solution. As the name suggests, it will pull the cable through the conduit.

Benefits of using a cable puller tool include:

  • Ability to run cables through narrow conduits
  • Faster cable installations
  • Preserves and protects cables from damage during installation

How to Use a Cable Puller Tool

You can use a cable puller tool to run cables through hard-to-reach conduits. While they are all designed to pull cables through conduits, though, they are available in different types.

Some cable puller tools feature a capstan. They are electrically powered. When turned on, these capstan-based cable puller tools will rotate. As it rotates, it will pull both the cable and a rope through the conduit.

Other types of cable puller tools feature a long and rigid rod. You can tie the cable to the rod, after which you can push the rod through the conduit. You can then untie the cable from the rod. Rod-based cable puller tools such as this are the simplest and least inexpensive. When compared to capstan-based cable puller tools, though, they are most laborious. You can use a rod-based cable puller tool when running cables short distances. But for long distances, you may want to choose an alternative type of cable puller tool.

There are also cable puller tools that leverage a vacuum. Known as conduit mouse pullers, they feature a piston. You can place a cable in the piston, after which you can place the piston in the conduit. Connecting a vacuum to the end of the conduit will pull the piston, as well as the included cable, through it.

In Conclusion

Cable puller tools are designed to pull cables through conduits. Some of them use a rod. Other cable puller tools use a capstan or vacuum.

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