Why Choose Solar Shingles?

Solar shingles are a great option for people looking to increase the value and appeal of their houses, support sustainability, and save power, even though solar roof panels are frequently the more popular option. Solar shingles are used to construct a roof, whilst solar panels are assembled on top of your roof. Both solar panels and solar shingles perform the same functions. Solar shingles are made to endure rain, wind, and hail and are lightweight, simple to install, and durable.

The form and composition of the roof affect how solar shingles are installed. Therefore, while erecting a slanted roof as opposed to a level one, different approaches are used. The hardware utilized may slightly vary depending on specific roofing aspects due to the large number of possible variations, but the fundamental elements remain the same.

For the past ten years, Nine Fasteners has led the way in the solar roofing services and hardware sectors. We take pride in offering our clients the best electronic and hardware options for installation and repair of solar shingles at affordable pricing. Additionally, we provide wire management clips to a number of the nation’s top installers and distributors of solar systems.

Why Solar Shingles?

Similar to solar panels, solar shingles take in solar energy from the sun and transform it into thermal or electrical energy. They have always been dependable in offering protection, durability, and flexibility while harnessing the sun’s solar energy to create power for your home. They feature an appearance that is equivalent to regular asphalt shingle roofing.

Solar shingles from Nine Fasteners are the best option for your home’s roofing if you want outstanding energy efficiency.


Durability is a big advantage of solar shingles over solar panels. They are more durable and able to survive severe weather conditions as well as dropped objects because they are a component of the roof. A feature not present in solar panels is the fire resistance of solar shingles.


Solar shingles are preferred to the bulkier-looking huge black panels mounted to the roof because they seamlessly integrate into roofing materials like asphalt or concrete.


Depending on how they are made, solar shingle warranties can last for decades, while shingles’ durability warranties can last the whole life of your home.

What are solar shingles they made of?

Copper indium gallium selenide is typically used to make solar shingles, which is why they are thin and flexible. This semiconductor is a good choice because it has an average conversion efficiency rate of 10% to 12%.

Monocrystalline silicon, the same substance used to make computer chips, is used in some solar shingles. Even though these can be more expensive, they are worthwhile due to their greater efficiency rate of 15% to 20%.


For your solar shingles to be installed correctly and last for a long time, it is crucial to have the proper parts. The top-quality components required to install and sustainably use your solar shingles are available at Nine Fasteners.


Roofs with slopes or uneven surfaces are drilled for metal support rails, and the shingles are attached to these rails rather than the roof itself. Zip ties and wire clips are also attached to rails using these devices.


Endcaps are used to cap off the end of a rail for a more unified, tidy appearance.


Do you not want your roof to appear to be floating? Skirts give the area of the system that is typically the most visible to homeowners and bystanders a sleek, upscale appearance. They are used to cover up less appealing components like attachments and wiring. They add skirts to the solar shingle system’s front border.


The shingles are firmly fastened with clamps to the corresponding support system. If not installed properly, clamps can interfere with a shingle frame and make a big difference in how a system is laid out.


Fasteners play a crucial role in attaching panels to the supports holding them and the supports to the roof.


Any roofing project that involves wire management does so for both aesthetic and practical reasons. In addition to being unsightly, hanging wires can short circuit as they become worn out from rubbing against the roof surface. Installed outdoors, solar shingles’ components are constantly exposed to challenging environmental factors like intense sunshine, erratic temperature, and harsh weather elements like rain, snow, and hail.

In roof mount configurations, wire clips are excellent for organizing cables and preventing damage. The dependability and lifespan of the solar panel system are guaranteed by proper wire management, which guards against damage to important system components.

OneMonroe Titan wire management clips are available in standard models made from 410 stainless steel or 301 ½ hard stainless steel. In addition, custom fabrication options are available for highly unique or complex applications. Our standard solar mounting hardware was all designed, sampled, tooled, and manufactured here in the USA. This quality, combined with our inventory management services, ensures the timely delivery of high-quality products and services.

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