Integro Custom Wire Harnesses: A Guide

Integro Custom Harness - Black

OneMonroe Integro

OneMonroe Integro has carved out a solid reputation as a front-runner in the production of custom-molded power distribution and temporary lighting equipment, this includes their custom wire harnesses. We provide invaluable support to a broad spectrum of sectors including Solar, Airfield Lighting Power, Shipbuilding, Steel Fabrication, Construction, Utility, and Mining. Our expertise lies in the precise crafting of rubber and thermoplastic solutions tailored to fit our client’s specific needs. Driven by an unwavering commitment to outstanding quality, we focus on the creation of value-added, problem-solving products that distinguish us from our competitors. Since we are conscious of the challenging conditions in which our products operate, we prioritize water resistance, durability, and safety in our designs, thereby ensuring their resilience in even the most adverse environments.

Applications of Custom Wire Harnesses

Integro custom wire harnesses have become crucial components in many different applications. They are particularly relevant in energy systems, where they bring order to complex installations, increase efficiency, and reduce potential failure points. These harnesses are designed to carry DC power from solar panels to distribution or combiner boxes for conversion to AC power on the grid. From creating efficient electrical pathways to ensuring the safe and effective operation of equipment, the uses for our custom harnesses are extensive and diverse.

The Power of Choice

At OneMonroe Integro, we understand that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we have built a robust customizable offering for our wire harnesses. We cater to a range of inputs from 2 to 14 and provide configurations in the form of Y, X, or T junctions. We design our harnesses to accommodate bifacial and first solar modules, with the capacity to handle both 1500V and 1000V system architectures.

To cater to diverse wiring needs, we offer multiple stranding options for each gauge. Additionally, color plays a vital role in distinguishing different circuits and ensuring safety. Hence, we provide color options such as red, black, and white to suit varied industrial preferences.

Connectivity Options

A harness is only as good as its connectivity. At OneMonroe Integro, we offer an array of connector types, including Staubli MC4, Jinko PV-JK03M, Tlian T4-PC, Trina TS4, and also TE Connectivity PV4-S. We have carefully chosen these connector options to ensure seamless integration with various modules. Moreover, if a unique need arises, we stand ready to provide other connectors upon request.

Rely on OneMonroe Integro for Your Harnessing Needs

In summary, the custom wire harnesses from OneMonroe Integro stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative and customized solutions. Our product’s adaptability and customizable features make it an ideal choice for diverse energy applications, ensuring efficiency and safety. With OneMonroe Integro, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in a solution crafted to fit your unique needs.

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