Benefits of Using Custom Wire Harnesses

wire harnesses over molding

Why Harnesses?

Why would someone use harnesses on a commercial or utility scale solar installation?

There are many benefits to using harnesses over an alternative wiring solution, but the main 3 are: quality, labor savings, and material savings. All 3 of these add up to make a seamless solar installation that meets all the needs of the EPCs that are installing them.

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One of the main advantages of going with a harness is the unparalleled level of quality.

All harnesses are made as a permanently over molded product. This results in a product that is both watertight and durable. All harness materials are UL recognized components of the utmost quality.

Harnesses are factory assembled and go through rigorous testing to ensure a defect free and long-lasting product. These tests include but are not limited to wet and dry HIPOT testing, continuity testing, resistance testing, and cable length verification.

OneMonroe Integro harnesses are listed to UL9703. This listing certifies the harnesses meet all the necessary criteria to ensure it will last in the harsh environments of commercial or utility scale solar.

Proudly, OneMonroe Integro harnesses are made right here in the USA, which results in unparalleled levels of quality, and can be sure only the best components, machinery and processes are used in the manufacturing of the harness.

Labor Savings

Using harnesses and other factory assembled products has the capability to provide immense labor savings over the span of a commercial or utility scale site installation.

Harnesses and other factory assembled product can be shipped on a schedule and a row-by-row basis ensuring a complete plug-and-play system with string/circuit specific labelling to make planning installation effortless.

The harnesses also have the ability to greatly reduce the labor-intensive jobs such as cutting, stripping, crimping, labelling, etc. and also drastically reduce the amount of source circuits/homeruns necessary, and with that comes less wires to roll out and secure to the racking and modules.

Material Savings

Harnesses can provide significant material savings to the job site. Using a harness can provide a reduction in quantity of connectors, combiner box inputs, and most importantly linear footage of wire. Reducing linear footage of wire has the opportunity to provide significant savings in material over the span of an entire project.

This material savings comes from the reduction of homeruns. This is due to the combining of strings/source circuits via a harness. For example, a 3-string harness effectively replaces what would be 3 individual homeruns, with a single harness and homerun.

It is also important to factor in any scrap which comes with field installation. This includes but is not limited to: cable, connectors, fuses, and labels.

With the use of harnesses and factory-assembled product, this is no longer of concern, or is minimized greatly.

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