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HellermannTyton Cable TIe

At OneMonroe, we proudly distribute HellermannTyton products and make them readily available for you on our OneMonroe Titan website. As a UK-based enterprise with subsidiaries in 37 nations, HellermannTyton specializes in the production and provision of solutions for securing, affixing, tagging, and safeguarding cables along with their associated elements. With a comprehensive range of cable ties, clips, and additional products, HellermannTyton guarantees reliable support for all your wire and cable necessities.

HellermannTyton Metal Edge Clip

The metal edge clip stands as a superior solution when it comes to managing wires and PV cables, especially when plastic fasteners fall short. Its design, crafted for easy hand insertion, offers high extraction force, guaranteeing secure fastening. The clip’s 90-degree orientation allows for a vertical cable attachment to panels. Constructed from durable metal, the clip withstands harsh conditions while its low-profile design ensures compatibility with a variety of module edges. It accommodates a panel thickness range of 13mm and its double-compression design handles diverse sizes of wires and cables. The robust stainless-steel construction provides the clip with exceptional durability, ensuring it can withstand extreme conditions.

Cable Ties 

Standard cable ties from HellermannTyton are crafted with inner serrations, offering a firm hold on wire and cable bundles. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the head, these ties provide high tensile strength while requiring minimal insertion force. The bent tail design facilitates quick and straightforward manual installations. For applications requiring a high volume of ties, HellermannTyton provides tensioning tools to assure safe and consistent installations. The cable ties are engineered to withstand severe conditions; they’re stabilized against high impact, heat, and UV rays. An incorporated impact modifier augments the ties’ flexibility and resilience to vibrations. Furthermore, the internal serrations ensure a sturdy hold on wires and cable bundles, while the head design ensures high tensile strength with minimal insertion force.

Convoluted Tubing Slit

HellermannTyton’s convoluted tubing, also recognized as Split Loom Tubing, presents an effective strategy for routing and safeguarding wire harness assemblies, concurrently mitigating the risk of damage during installation. Its design incorporates a split along the side that allows easy insertion of your wire harness. This means the convoluted tubing can be effortlessly installed without having to remove the entire assembly. Besides its primary function, it also serves to shield valuable hoses and cables. Convoluted tubing is excellent at defending against wear caused by vibration, water, snow, ice, and environmental effects such as heat, cold, and sunlight on wires and cables. Its split side makes it an ideal choice for applications where the installation of braided tubing or spiral wrap might be challenging. Moreover, in situations where spiral wrap or other coverings may fall short, this tubing ensures comprehensive coverage.


In conclusion, we at OneMonroe actively provide our customers with the highest quality HellermannTyton products, ensuring effective solutions for all their wire and cable management and protection needs. Our offering spans from the highly efficient metal edge clip, and robust cable ties, to the practical convoluted tubing slit. These tools ensure optimum performance and longevity for your installations. Explore our OneMonroe Titan website today to browse through our comprehensive product range. Don’t hesitate to elevate the safety and efficiency of your wire and cable management systems with HellermannTyton’s reliable products. We’re looking forward to serving your needs!


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