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OneMonroe Titan is proud to offer our customers Rennsteig Tools for all of their solar needs. Rennsteig is synonymous with excellence in hand tool manufacturing, offering top-tier, user-friendly, and ergonomically designed tools tailored for professional users. Leading international tool exhibitions regularly feature them, highlighting their commitment to quality, and industry experts hold their sterling reputation in high regard. At Rennsteig Tools Inc., their reach extends far and wide, supplying a diverse clientele that includes distributors, OEMs, secondary suppliers, private label customers, and individuals across a spectrum of industries such as automotive, industrial machinery, aerospace, solar energy, industrial installations, and the construction sector.

Rennsteig’s tools are trusted wherever electrical connections demand reliability, durability, and speed. Additionally, they excel in crafting specialized tools for optical fiber applications, showcasing their versatility and innovation. Renowned for going above and beyond to serve customers throughout the United States and North America, Rennsteig Tools, Inc. has consistently upheld their commitment to quality since their inception in 1959. For those seeking unparalleled crimpers, strippers, cutters, and other hardware tools, Rennsteig Tools, Inc. is the benchmark of excellence. Explore their website to witness firsthand why they stand out in the market – a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality, precision, and innovation.

Rennsteig Products

Solar Crimp Set for MC4, Tyco, Wieland T4

  • This comprehensive crimp set is designed for professionals in the solar energy industry.
  • It includes precision tools for crimping MC4, Tyco, and Wieland T4 connectors.
  • Ensure secure and reliable connections for your solar installations with this high-quality kit.
  • Ideal for use with photovoltaic systems and solar panel installations.

Locator for Amphenol UTX and H4 Cold-Formed Contacts (12-10-8 AWG)

  • The Rennsteig Locator is an essential tool for accurately positioning Amphenol UTX and H4 cold-formed contacts.
  • Compatible with wire gauges ranging from 12 to 8 AWG.
  • Facilitates precise and efficient crimping, ensuring dependable electrical connections.
  • A must-have for professionals working with Amphenol connectors.

Crimp Tool for Tonglin Machined Contacts w/ Locator (12-10 AWG)

  • This Rennsteig Crimp Tool is designed for Tonglin machined contacts.
  • It comes with a built-in locator, ensuring precise positioning during the crimping process.
  • Suitable for use with 12-10 AWG wires, making it versatile for various applications.
  • Professionals can count on its reliability and ease of use for consistent results.

Crimp Die Set for Amphenol H4 Solar Contacts

Crafted specifically for Amphenol H4 solar contacts, this specialized crimp die set facilitates secure and long-lasting crimps, guaranteeing the utmost in electrical connections for solar installations. Tailored to fulfill the distinct demands of solar professionals, this dedicated die set ensures consistent and reliable outcomes with every use.

Solar Crimp Set for MC3, MC4, Tyco, Tlian T4

Rennsteig designed the Solar Crimp Set as a versatile kit to accommodate MC3, MC4, Tyco, and Tlian T4 connectors. It caters to solar installers who encounter various connector types in their photovoltaic systems work. This set guarantees precise crimping, assuring dependable electrical connections in solar energy applications. It serves as a comprehensive solution catering to the specific needs of professionals within the solar industry.

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