Squad Mobility’s Solar City Car

Solar city car

Move over, gas guzzlers, there’s a new sun-powered microcar cruising onto American streets! Dutch startup Squad Mobility is bringing its innovative Solar City Car to the US in 2025, starting at a surprisingly low $6,250. This compact EV, nicknamed the “Solar Buggy,” promises eco-friendly, affordable city commuting – and it charges itself with sunshine!

Not Your Grandpa’s Golf Cart

While technically falling under the Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) category with a 25 mph speed limit, the Solar City Car is far from just a fancy golf cart. Its sleek design and street-legal status make it a viable option for short trips and urban adventures. European versions even reach speeds of 28 and 43 mph, and Squad Mobility has plans for a four-seater and cargo variant in the future.

Sunshine Power

The Squad Solar City Car doesn’t just run on sunshine; it also runs on convenience. Ditch the gas station hassle! Four swappable batteries offer a base range of 62 miles, and when depleted, they’re as easy to switch as a lightbulb. But the real star is the roof-mounted solar panel. On sunny days, it adds up to a whopping 19 miles of extra range, meaning city dwellers in sunny spots like Las Vegas might hardly need to plug in at all. Soaking up the sun while cruising around town – that’s the future of urban mobility, and the Squad is leading the charge.

Beyond Golf Courses

While LSVs are traditionally found in planned communities and campuses in the US, Squad Mobility sees potential in hotels, resorts, amusement parks, and even city services. CEO Robert Hoevers highlights the “tremendous interest” from various markets, suggesting the Solar City Car could become a familiar sight beyond gated communities.

Can They Do It?

While Electrek loves the innovative concept and sunny outlook, skepticism lingers about the $6,250 price tag. Traditional golf carts often cost near $9,000, making this sleek, street-legal EV with swappable batteries seem too good to be true. However, Squad Mobility is confident and pre-orders are already open with no down payment required outside of Europe.

The Future is Bright

Whether it revolutionizes urban mobility or finds its niche in specific markets, the Squad Solar City Car is a refreshing vision for sustainable, affordable transportation. And who knows, maybe those lifted trucks and exhaust mods will someday be looking at us with envy as we cruise past, powered by the sun and a smile.


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