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HellermannTyton, a leading name in cable management and identification solutions, empowers the solar industry with a comprehensive suite of resources. From bundling and securing to routing, protecting, and identifying cables, their offerings ensure efficient, reliable, and code-compliant solar installations.

Bundling and Securing

Cable Ties: HellermannTyton’s diverse cable tie portfolio caters to various solar applications. UV-resistant PA11 ties withstand harsh outdoor environments, while stainless steel ties offer superior strength for extreme conditions. Their CHG900 gas heat gun facilitates efficient tie installation.

Clips: Secure cables to surfaces with HellermannTyton’s KLIKFIX and EVO clips. These versatile solutions provide quick and reliable fastening, ideal for rooftop and ground-mounted installations.

Routing, Protection, and Insulation

Tubing Slits and Conduits: Protect cables from abrasion and environmental factors with HellermannTyton’s HELIX-SLIT tubing slits and PA6 corrugated conduits. These solutions offer flexibility for easy routing while ensuring cable integrity.

Heat Shrink Tubing: HellermannTyton’s heat shrink tubing provides insulation, environmental sealing, and strain relief for connections and splices. Their RAFSTECK and RATCHETSTEP heat shrink tools ensure precise and efficient application.


Solar Installation Label Resource: This comprehensive guide details HellermannTyton’s labeling solutions for solar applications, including cable markers, legend plates, and warning labels.

PV Labeling Requirements Resource: Stay up-to-date with the latest labeling requirements for photovoltaic systems with this informative guide. HellermannTyton’s UL- and CSA-listed labels ensure compliance and safety.

Going Beyond Products

HellermannTyton’s commitment extends beyond products. They offer valuable resources to empower solar professionals:

Cable Tie Resource: This comprehensive guide delves into the world of cable ties, covering material selection, tensile strength, and installation best practices.

Solar Wire Management Resource: Gain insights into efficient wire management for solar installations, including routing strategies, product recommendations, and code compliance considerations.

Aerial Support Tie Resource: Learn about the unique challenges of aerial cable support and how HellermannTyton’s solutions address them, ensuring safety and reliability.

By leveraging HellermannTyton’s extensive solar resources, installers and developers can optimize their projects for efficiency, safety, and long-term performance. From the right cable ties and clips to essential labeling solutions, HellermannTyton provides the tools and knowledge to harness the sun’s power effectively.

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