How to Order a Custom Built Combiner Box

solar combiner box

In the realm of solar installations, DC combiner boxes play a crucial role in enhancing both the efficiency and safety of the system. These boxes consolidate the output from multiple strings of solar panels into a single output, easing the load and complexity on the solar inverter. For those looking to maximize their solar array’s performance, opting for a custom-built DC combiner box can be a game-changer. This article explains what DC combiner boxes are, their customizability, and the advantages of tailoring one to meet specific system requirements.

Understanding DC Combiner Boxes

A DC combiner box is an integral component of a solar photovoltaic system. It serves to combine the electrical output of several solar panel strings into one output, leading to the inverter. The box typically contains overcurrent protection mechanisms such as fuses or circuit breakers for each string and often includes disconnects to facilitate maintenance or troubleshooting. By aggregating multiple strings into one, these combiner boxes reduce the wiring requirements and simplify the overall solar setup.

Customizable Features of DC Combiner Boxes

Amp Load Break Points: One of the primary considerations when customizing a DC combiner box is the amp load break points. These are the current capacities at which the combiner box can safely operate without overheating or causing damage to the electrical components. Designers can tailor custom-built boxes to handle specific current loads based on the number and type of solar panels used, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency.

Output Terminals and String Counts: Custom combiner boxes offer flexibility in the number of output terminals and string counts they can accommodate. A box can be designed to handle anywhere from a few strings to dozens, each with its dedicated protection, depending on the scale of the solar installation and the number of panels per string

DC Voltage Specifications: Another customizable feature is the DC voltage rating of the combiner box. Different solar setups may operate under varying voltage requirements, and a custom-built combiner box can match these specifications precisely, thereby optimizing the system’s overall performance and compatibility with the inverter.

Benefits of a Custom DC Combiner Box

Choosing a custom-built DC combiner box offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: Tailored to the specific electrical characteristics of your solar array, a custom combiner box ensures that all components operate within safe limits, reducing the risk of electrical failures.
  • Improved Efficiency: By optimizing the string configuration and voltage handling according to your specific setup, a custom combiner box minimizes losses and maximizes the output efficiency of your solar panels.
  • Scalability: Designing a custom combiner box with future expansions in mind makes it easier to add more panels or strings without overhauling the entire system.


Investing in a custom-built DC combiner box is a wise decision for anyone looking to maximize the performance and safety of their solar power system. By accommodating specific amp loads, voltage requirements, and string configurations, a tailored combiner box ensures that your solar array operates at peak efficiency. Moreover, the added flexibility and scalability provide peace of mind that your system is not only optimized for current needs but also ready for future expansions. As solar technology continues to evolve, having a custom solution like this can significantly enhance the longevity and productivity of your solar investment.

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