Exploring the Benefits of the Solar Bundle

Roofio Products

Roofio has listened and is now offering their customizable EBOS and solar solutions through OneMonroe Titan. This bundle includes a variety of essential components designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of solar installations.

The Solar Bundle

The bundle features an array of products, starting with the Eaton DG221URB, a 30A 2P NF 240V GD N3R Disconnect, essential for safely disconnecting power. Additionally, it includes the SQD D224NRB Switch Fusible GD 240V, a robust solution for controlling power flows within solar setups.

The Products

Critical to protecting circuits, the bundle contains the EDF ECNR150 250V RK5 TD Fuse, along with the ILSCO IPC4/02/0 Piercing Connector, which provides a secure connection between cables of varying sizes. For terminal connections, the BUR BIBS4-3 Multiple Wire Terminal ensures multiple cable terminations are neat and secure.

Connectivity is further enhanced with the inclusion of Multi 32.0016P001-UR Female and Male PV-KBT4/6II-UR connectors, facilitating reliable connections between solar panels. The EZSLR JB-1.2 Junction Box, included in the bundle, offers a compact and efficient solution for wiring management.

For mounting, the PEGSO PSCA-0MM0 Conduit Mount provides a sturdy and reliable support system for conduits in solar installations. Each component within the Solar Bundle from OneMonroe Titan is designed to offer reliability, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness, making it a comprehensive solution for both new and upgraded solar energy systems.

The Advantages

This Solar Bundle not only simplifies the procurement process but also ensures that all components are compatible and meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. By choosing OneMonroe Titan’s Solar Bundle, installers are guaranteed a selection of components that are engineered to work seamlessly together, enhancing the overall performance and durability of solar installations.


In conclusion, the Solar Bundle from OneMonroe Titan is an excellent investment for professionals in the solar industry looking to streamline their installations while ensuring quality and reliability. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, this bundle delivers a versatile and practical solution tailored to the dynamic needs of modern solar projects.

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