HellermannTyton 111-01752 Heavy Duty PA12 Solar Tie UL 21″ Long 175lb Black

HellermannTyton 111-01752 Heavy Duty Cable Tie, PA12 Solar Tie, UL Rated, 21″ Long, UL Listed 175lb Tensile Strength, Black



Hellerman Tyton PA12 Solar Ties – These inside serrated Solar Ties are manufactured from Polyamide 12, which provides excellent UV, chemical and moisture resistance, allowing a longer lifespan in outdoor use. Polyamide
12 material absorbs slightly less moisture than Polyamide 11, yet is equally resistant to metal oxides. The bent tail allows for quick and simple installation through the head of the tie. The tie strap has smooth edges to prevent bundle damage.

Features and benefits:
– Engineered and manufactured for maximum performance and quality.
– Made from 100% high-quality plastic to ensure efficient recycling.
– Inside serration for a strong hold onto bundles.
– Easy application either manually or with a processing tool.
– Bent tail allows for simpler insertion.

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