NFI-1463 Enphase Engage Cable Microinverter Trunk Cable Clip




  • Clip is designed for use with Enphase Engage Cable microinverter trunk cable, or equivalent.
  • Clip will hold a SINGLE microinverter trunk cable mounted to a module frame.
  • Minimum recommended wire diameter – .22 in (5.6mm)
  • Maximum recommended wire diameter – .44 in (11mm)

NFI-1463- Nine Fasteners wire management clips are capable of holding up single microinverter cable. When secure mounting to the modular frame is critical, trust Nine Fasteners trunk cable clips to be the cost effective solution you need.

These clips are made in the U.S.A. from 410 Stainless Steel and feature a rolled outer edge to eliminate chaffing.

Technical Documents

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