Amphenol H4 Branch Connectors (2 Female 1 Male)

Amphenol H4 Branch Connector FFM/Branch – 2 Female/1 Male



The H4 Branch connector in both male/male/female and female/female/male configurations provides a proven solution. Hardwire terminations can now be replaced with a simple , low cost interconnect option. H4 Branch connectors can provide a quick and low cost connection point for joining individual panels into a main line DC power

Combined with standard H4 connectors, the Branch connector allows an installer to quickly join both the positive
and negative pigtails from a PV module into the main DC feed of a Solar Array. It also provides a transition point by
which the cable size may be transitioned to accommodate increased power requirements. H4 Branch connectors are
UL and TUV approved and meet NEC 2008 requirements.

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