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The HelioLug is a grounding component for solar modules and solar panel racking systems allowing easy termination to the ground wire. The HelioLug is a versatile lug that can be used for commercial, utility scale, and residential solar panel installations. It is UL 2703 certified for use with a ground wire, which eliminates potential code compliance surprises. The HelioLug comes with all the certified custom hardware needed for making rapid, secure connections to PV modules and solar panel racks.

The Amphenol HelioLug is a UL 2703 certified grounding lug that meets all NEC 2008/2011 requirements. They offer quick and easy installation and can be used with virtually all module frames and racks. Note: 1/4″ max thickness to mount to solar panel frames (this is in reference to the solar panel frame “lip”, not the total module thickness). HelioLugs are capable of accepting 4-12 AWG solid copper conductors and are compatible with all module grounding holes (0.16″ to 0.295″ diameter). Certified reusable hardware for servicing without replacement.

UL Listing and Test Conditions Include:

  • UL 2703 E338690
  • QIMS7 (Canada) E338690
  • NEC 2008/2011

Included Components (Per Lug):

  • Lay in lug (tin-plated, solid copper lay-in lug with a stainless-steel set screw)
  • Stainless star washer
  • Stainless steel bolt
  • Stainless serrated lock nut

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