TE SOLARLOK Grounding Clip 1954381-1

Tyco TE SOLARLOK Grounding Clip 1954381-1



The new TE SOLARLOK grounding clip brings a new ground connection solution to the market by the utilizing tooless termination technology. This technology provides an extremely simplified solution for terminating a continuous-run ground wire. Termination times are measured in seconds using the pre-mounted TE SOLARLOK grounding clip thereby saving time and reducing labor costs. The four-point wire contact inherent in the design optimizes grounding performance and provides protection against contact problems due to its low interface resistance.

Tyco SOLARLOK grounding clips have four points of electrical contact and are for use with 12-10 AWG uninsulated copper wire. These grounding clips can be re-used up to 5 times.

SOLARLOK Grounding Clip Features:

  • Part Number 1954381-1 uses 10-32 Thread Cutting Screw
  • Tested to UL 467, a requirement for UL 1703 solar panel listing.
  • Contact design provides 4 points of contact to the ground wire for high reliability.
  • Product is easy to install with simple tools that are readily available.
  • Facilitates easy disconnection for service of individual modules without interrupting ground continuity of the
  • PV array, thus meeting the grounding requirements of NEC Article 690.48.
  • RoHS Compliant.

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