Custom Solar Inline Fuses #10 AWG 1500VDC Select Connector Types and Amp Rating

Custom Solar Inline Fuses #10 AWG wire size, 1500 VDC Fuse Rating – Select Connector Types and Amp Rating Below

$25.00 ea. (Min Qty:25)

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Total: $625.00


Finally, a replacement for combiner boxes! Titans custom inline fuses range from 2A to 30A, and are available in 1000VDC or 1500VDC ratings, built with 2000V rated sunlight resistant PV wire with crimped solar contacts. A in-Line Fuse reduces both the time and money necessary to complete and maintain your PV installation by reducing the number of combiner boxes required. Titans custom In-Line Fuses have the flexibility to be built with a number of industry leading connectors with fuses ranging from two to twenty amps. Note: Product image may vary, solar connectors are not pictured.

Connector Types Available:

  • Amphenol H4
  • Amphenol UTX
  • Canadian Solar / Tilian T4
  • MultiContact MC4
  • MultiContact MC4-Evo2
  • SMK
  • Tyco PV4

Note:4-6 Week Lead Time, 25 Piece Minimum Order

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