Amphenol H4 Crimp Tool Kit H4TK0000

Amphenol Tool Kit – Everything Needed for H4 Cable Assembly!

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    The Amphenol H4 Tool Kit includes everything a solar installer will need for custom H4 wire extension assembly. All parts come in a water proof foam lined case. The Amphenol Tool Kit includes all of the following pieces, and is a great choice for solar installers and solar contractors looking to save time and money making their own H4 wire extensions.

    Amphenol Tool Kit Includes:
    1- Crimper Tool for machined contact H4TC0001
    1 – Cable Strip Tool H4TS0000
    1 – Cable Cutter H4TCT0000
    2 – Wrench tool H4TW0001
    1 – Universal unlock tool H4TU0000
    1 – Socket for cable gland H4TTW100
    1 – Socket for bulkhead m12 H4TM1200
    1 – Stamped & Formed contact Die Set PV-692208-000
    1 – Stamped & Formed contact Locator PV-692209-001
    5 – 14 AWG (2.5mm2) Male Contact PV-090508-M25
    5 – 14 AWG (2.5mm2) Female Contact PV-090507-F03
    5 – 12 AWG (4.0mm2) Male Contact PV-090508-M04
    5 – 12 AWG (4.0mm2) Female Contact PV-090508-F03
    5 – 10 AWG (6.0mm2) Male Contact PV-090508-M06
    5 – 10 AWG (6.0mm2) Female Contact PV-090506-F03

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