Rennsteig Professional Solar Wiring/Crimping Kit for MC4/H4/Wieland/T4

Rennsteig Professional Solar Wiring/Crimping Kit for MC4/H4/Wieland/Tlian T4 (Canadian Solar) – 624 105-17 RT



This professional crimp kit has everything you need for making solar wire connections and includes the best wire and cable cutting tools. All components are top-quality Rennsteig tools are designed and made in Germany specially for the solar industry, their solar tools are of the highest quality, and built to last. Rennsteig dies and locators can be added this tool kit to work with other types of solar connectors.

Crimp Kit Details:

  • For cutting, stripping and crimping of solar contacts from MC4,H4 and Wieland
  • Insulation stripper for solar wire (AWG 16/14/12/10)
  • Cable cutter (Max. wire cross-section: 50 mm)
  • Solar system tool with MC4 / Tlian T4 (Canadian Solar) dies and locator (for AWG 14/12/10)
  • Amphenol H4(machined contact)die set and locator (for AWG 14/12/10/8)
  • Wieland (Gesis Solar) die set and locator (for AWG 12/10/8)
  • A customized kit is much less expensive than multiple individual tools

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624 105-17 RT

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