Seaward PV150 Complete Solar PV Test Kit

Seaward PV150 Complete Solar PV Test Kit – A Complete Solar Testing Kit!

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    The Seaward PV150 Solar Installation Tester allows electrical safety and performance verification of photovoltaic installations in a safe and easy-to-use device.

    Transforming the way PV systems are tested, the PV150 combines ground continuity, DC operating power and operating current test functions in a hand-held device. It can also test insulation resistance, open circuit voltage and short circuit current at the push of a button. The unit can also wirelessly capture and record real time irradiance, ambient temperature and PV module temperature measurements from the Solar Survey 200R.

    The PV150 has memory to store up to 200 complete test records with USB connectivity to enable these to be quickly and easily downloaded to a PC. Professional test certificates and reports can also be created when used with Seawards SolarCert software.

    PV150 Test Kit Features:

    • Ground (earth) continuity measurement with test lead null for long test-leads.
    • PV string open circuit voltage measurement up to 1000V DC with polarity indication.
    • PV string short circuit current measurement up to 15A DC.
    • PV array insulation test at 250/500/1000V.
    • Tests individual PV modules or strings.
    • Memory for up to 200 records and USB download to PC (CSV file).
    • High contrast display, visible in bright light.

    Solar Survey 200R Irradiance Meter-The 200R connects wirelessly to the PV150 and gives real-time irradiance, ambient temperature and PV module temperature measurement results simultaneously to electrical tests being conducted. Results can be downloaded from the PV150 into the SolarCert reporting software included in the kit.

    Solar Survey 200R Mounting Bracket-The Solar Survey 200R Mounting Bracket allows you to connect your Irradiance Meter to your solar panel and position it at the same angle as the module for optimum accuracy and ease of measurement which means that you’ll have more hands free for testing in the field.

    AC/DC Current Clamp -The lightweight Solar AC/DC Current Clamp is a compact instrument capable of providing accurate measurements of AC or DC currents in conductors measuring up to 22mm in diameter. Used in conjunction with the PV150, AC and DC currents can be measured from 0.5A to 40.0A.

    SolarCert Solar PV Reporting Software – Seaward SolarCert solar PV reporting software allows you to easily download and manipulate data from your PV150 and create professional reports for your customers.

    Other Included Accessories -The PV150 solar PV complete test kit also comes with 2x MC4 test lead adaptors, 2x combiner box test probes and detachable alligator clips (MC4), 2x test leads with detachable alligator clips (4mm), USB download cable, rugged carry bag, quick start guide, calibration certificates and a 2 year warranty.

    Product Information

    Part Number


    Overall Length
    Positive Connector (#10 AWG)
    Overvoltage category/Pollution degree
    Part Number (female)
    Part Number (male)
    Part Numbers
    Pollution Degree
    Positive Connector (#8 AWG)
    Power Dissipation
    Protection class
    Protection degree
    Put-Up Length
    Range of Cable Gland
    Rate Current
    Rated current
    Rated impulse voltage
    Temperature range
    Rated voltage
    Regulatory Approvals (600V/1000V)
    Max Bundle Diameter
    Max Cable Tie Width
    Max Wire Diameter
    Max. Interrupting Rating
    Maximum Support Interval
    Maximum wire size
    Mounting Hardware:
    Negative Connector (#8 AWG)
    Outer Color
    Outside Diameter
    Nominal OD
    Nominal Size
    Number of Wires
    Operating Temperature
    Operating Temperature Range
    Order Number
    Negative Connector (#10 AWG)
    SCCR Rating
    Type of Connector / Socket
    Type of termination
    Typical Contract Resistance
    UL Listing
    UV rating
    Wall Thickness
    Wire Type
    Test voltage
    Weight per Foot
    Wiley Catalog Number
    Wire Color
    Wire Diameter
    Wire Size Range
    Voltage rating
    AWG Size
    Terminal Block Internal Bus
    Staubli / Multi-Contact Type
    Safety Class
    Shield 1 type
    Shield 2 type
    Size of Cables
    Special Feature:
    Staubli / Multi-Contact Order #
    Time Constant
    Terminal Block
    Strap Length
    System voltage Max.
    TV Rheinland
    Technical Drawing
    SCCR Rating 20
    Temperature Rating
    Application degree
    Contact resistance
    Contact material
    Color (Select Color)
    Conductor size
    Conductor type
    Connector Type (#10 AWG)
    Drill Out
    Connector Type (#8 AWG)
    Current Withstand Rating
    DC Voltage Ratings
    Degree of protection:
    Degree of protection mated
    Din Rai
    Catalog Number:
    Electrical Connections
    Article Designation
    Acceptable Conduit Sizes
    Ace Configuration
    Ambient temperature range
    Amp Rating
    Amperage Rating
    Article Number
    Clamping range in mm
    Certificate No.
    Cable Diameter
    Cap and Tray Quantity (8 Ft Lengths)
    Catalog Numbe
    Material Dimensions
    Internal Wiring
    Interrupting Rating
    IP Rating
    Inner Colors
    Input Wire Diameter Range
    Insulation material
    Local Order Number
    Flammability Rating
    Item Number:
    Equipment Ground Conductor Type
    Jacket type
    LAAP Article Number
    LAPP Article Number
    Length / Width / Height:
    Length / Width / Height (In.)
    Insulation Resistance
    Equipment Ground Conductor Diameter Range
    Locking system(UL)
    Heyco Part Numbers
    Heyco Part Number
    Fire Resistance
    First Solar Series 6 Datasheet
    Flame class
    Flame retardant grade
    Flammability Class
    Flammability Classification
    Frame Thickness
    Hole Size In. [mm]:
    Fuse Amp Rating
    Fuse Ampere Rating
    Fuse Combiner Bus
    Fuse Holder
    Fuse Type
    Global Part Name
    Grounding Terminal

    Technical Documents

    Spec Sheet Download
    Installation Manual Download