35KV MV105 CU/AL XLPE 100% Medium Voltage Wire

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    Part 35KV MV105 CU/AL XLPE 100%

    • Conductor: #2AWG through 1500kcmil Class B compressed concentric lay stranded 1350 aluminum.
    • Conductor Shield: Extruded semi-conducting thermoset polymeric stress control layer.
    • Insulation: Extruded tree-retardant cross-linked polyethylene (TRXLPE).
    • Insulation Shield: Extruded semi-conducting thermoset layer, clean and free stripping from insulation.
    • Concentric Neutral: Helically applied, annealed, solid bare cop per wires.
    • Jacket: Black, non-conducting, sunlight resistant, XLPE Jacket extruded to fill spaces between neutral wires.

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