10/2 Tray Cable (Flat) 600V Rated THHN-2 Per Foot (20 Min)

10/2 Tray Cable 600V Rated THHN-2 (#10 AWG / 2 Conductor, Flat Construction) – Per Foot (20 Ft Minimum Order)

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    This #10 AWG 2 conductor tray cable is great for off-grid solar applications including solar panel and charge controller wiring. A dual conductor cable will keep installations clean and wire management simple. Type TC Control Cable is for use where small diameter, flame retardant cables are desired, such as cable trays, raceways, and outdoor locations. Type TC is also listed for direct burial and for use in Class 1, Division 2 (C1D2) hazardous
    locations and Class 1 control circuits.

    Industry Listings & Standards:

    • ASTM – (All applicable standards)
    • UL 1277 – Electrical Power and Control Tray Cables
    • UL 1581 – Electrical Wires, Cables and Flexible Cords
    • ICEA S-58-679 – Control Cable Conductor Identification. (Method 1, Table 2)
    • UL 1685 – UL Flame Exposure Test (70,000 BTU/hr)
    • ICEA T-30-250 – Vertical Cable Tray Flame Test (70,000 BTU/hr)
    • ICEA T-29-520 – Vertical Cable Tray Flame Test (210,000 BTU/hr)
    • IEEE 1202 – Flame Testing of Cables for Use in Cable Tray in Industrial and Commercial Occupancies (70,000 BTU/hr)

    Product Information


    Annealed Copper Conductors


    Individual conductors are bare annealed copper covered with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation over which a nylon (polyamide) or UL listed equal jacket is applied. Flat construction.

    Outer Color

    Black (BK)

    Inner Colors

    Black (BK) / Red (RD)

    Spec Sheet


    Technical Documents

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