Nine Fasteners Cable Management

Nine Fasteners is in the solar energy business and specializes in solar wire management clips. Our headquarters is in the USA, as are our design, sampling, tooling, and production operations. A number of our wire management clips are supplied to general industries, and others have been designed and tooled for specific clients. If you have a need for a PV wire clip, solar cable clips, solar panel wire clips or any other wire management clips that may not be currently available or is unreasonable in price, contact Nine Fasteners and utilize our design/manufacturing expertise.

By providing our customers with successful electronic and hardware solutions at competitive prices, NFI continues to be a progressive and innovative force in distribution. We look forward to the opportunity to be your trusted single source supplier for wire management clips and other cable management products.

Nine Fasteners Inc is now part of the OneMonroe Family. If you have further questions or want to learn more about the new offerings available to you as a OneMonroe customer, or need assistance on an order please reach out to you current sales rep or call 1-844-856-1276.

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