Nominal Temperature Range

Nominal Temperature Range/Insulating and Jacketing Compounds

Compound Normal Low Normal High Special Low Special High
Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (Hypalon*) -20°C 90°C -40°C 105°C
EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer) -55°C 105°C 150°C
Neoprene -20°C 60°C -55°C 90°C
Polyethylene (Solid and Cellular) -60°C 80°C
Polypropylene (Solid and Cellular) -40°C 105°C
Rubber (EPR, Hypalon) -30°C 60°C -55°C 75°C
FEP Teflon * -70°C 200°C
PVC -20°C 80°C -55°C 105°C
Silicone + -80°C 150°C 200°C
Halar ~ -70°C 150°C
Tefzel * -65°C 150°C
TFE Teflon (Harsher Environments) -70°C 260°C

* DuPont trademark.
+ General Electric trademark.
~ Ausimont Corporation trademark.