Providing our “Gross Domestic Product” by which we measure our economic strength as well as the products we use in our daily lives industry powers our nation from the ground up.

Titan Wire and Cable offers industrial grade products:

  • Process Power & Control (Armored & Non- armored)
  • Instrumentation (300V, 600V, Armored & Non-armored)
  • Thermocouple
  • High Temperature (ETFE, FEP, SRGK, MG, TGGT, PFA & SRK)
  • Fiber Optic
  • 600V-2KV Portable Power (DLO, G & Type W)
  • 300V & 600V Portable Cord (SOOW, SEOW & SJOW)
  • Retractile Cord
  • Continuous Flex Robotics
  • Festoon, Pendent & Reel (Flat & Round)
  • Welding Cables (Class K & M)

Titan Wire and Cable supplies a wide variety of cables commonly used in manufacturing and general industrial applications.

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