What’s the Best Wire for a 60 Amp Circuit Breaker?

Use 2 wire cables

With the growing need for reliable electrical installations, a 60-amp circuit breaker finds extensive usage in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Acting as a safety mechanism, the 60-amp circuit breaker interrupts electrical flow when the current exceeds the safe limit, thus protecting wiring and connected devices from damage. It is typically utilized for large appliances, such as electric furnaces, or subpanels that distribute power to several smaller circuits.

The Importance of the Right Wire Size

In selecting the right wire size for a 60-amp circuit breaker, it’s crucial to consider the wire’s capacity to handle the current. Here, PV wire, battery cable, and USE-2 wire cables become key players.

PV Wire: The Solar Specialist

PV (photovoltaic) wire is an excellent choice for environments exposed to sunlight and weather. With its capacity to handle high voltage and temperature ranges, it’s ideal for solar panel arrays and other outdoor installations. PV wire is often double-insulated and rated for direct burial, providing the robustness needed for external circuits. When used in a 60-amp circuit, PV wire should generally be 6 AWG in size, providing ample capacity to handle the load.

Battery Cable: Powering High Current Applications

Battery cable, designed to transmit high current, is another reliable choice for a 60-amp circuit breaker. They’re used in automotive, marine, and RV applications, and often in off-grid power installations. For a 60-amp circuit, a 4 AWG battery cable is often recommended. This size ensures the cable can safely handle the current without overheating, thus maximizing system efficiency and safety.

USE-2 Wire Cables: Perfect for Outdoor Use

USE-2 wire cables, also known as underground service entrance cables, are widely used in outdoor settings for service entrance applications. They are rated for direct burial and can withstand varying weather conditions. A USE-2 wire cable can be safely used in a 60-amp circuit breaker when it is 4 AWG or larger. It’s worth noting that local codes and regulations may affect this, so it’s crucial to check those before installation.

Choosing the Right Wire: Safety and Efficiency

When selecting the appropriate wire size, remember that a wire’s capacity to carry current depends on its material, size, and temperature rating of its insulation. Using a wire that’s too small can cause overheating, leading to potential fire hazards. Therefore, always consult with an electrical professional to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.


In conclusion, whether it’s PV wire, battery cable, or USE-2 wire cables, choosing the right wire size for a 60-amp circuit breaker is a balance of safety, efficiency, and compliance with local regulations. By understanding these wire types and their applications, we can ensure a reliable and efficient electrical installation that meets our power needs while keeping safety at the forefront.

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