Heyco Solar Power Components

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Heyco is a premier manufacturer of electrical components in the solar industry. It delivers innovative, high-quality solutions. Boasting a legacy of excellence and a dedication to innovation, Heyco provides an extensive array of products. These are tailored to address the rigorous requirements of solar installations.

Overview of Heyco

Founded on the principles of engineering excellence and customer satisfaction, Heyco has been at the forefront of electrical component manufacturing for decades. Known for their durability and performance, Heyco products have become synonymous with quality and reliability in the solar energy sector. The company’s dedication to innovation is evident in its product lineup, which is designed to streamline solar installations and enhance efficiency.

Solar Product Range

  • Wire Mesh: Heyco designs its solar wire mesh solutions to protect solar cables and wiring from external damage and interference. Made from high-quality materials, these wire meshes offer robust protection for solar wiring systems, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  • Mesh Clip: The Heyco Mesh Clip is an essential component for securing wire mesh to solar panels and mounting systems. Engineered for easy installation and durability, these clips ensure that wire mesh stays in place, providing optimal protection for solar wiring against environmental factors.
  • Cable Ties: Its solar cable ties offer superior securing capabilities for solar panel wiring. These ties, made from weather-resistant materials, are ideal for outdoor solar applications. They provide a secure, reliable way to manage and organize cables, reducing the risk of damage and disconnection.
  • Cordgrip: The Cordgrips are designed to offer a watertight solution for cable entries into solar panels and junction boxes. These cordgrips ensure that connections remain secure and protected from moisture, dust, and debris, significantly enhancing the longevity and safety of solar installations.


Heyco’s commitment to innovation and quality has made its solar components a top choice for professionals in the solar industry. Heyco provides solutions that address the challenges of solar installations. With Heyco products, solar professionals can expect to streamline their installation processes and achieve unmatched reliability and efficiency in their solar energy systems. As the solar industry continues to grow, Heyco remains dedicated to developing products that support sustainable energy solutions.

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