OneMonroe Integro Solar Harness meet Inflation Reduction Act Standards.

3 string wire harness render

The Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law by President Biden on August 16, 2022, making it the largest legislative action on renewable energy and climate change in American history. With a single stroke of the pen, the President redefined American leadership in the face of the climate crisis, ushering in a new age of American inventiveness and creativity aimed at bringing down consumer costs and advancing the global clean energy economy.

Through this Buy American initiative, the US Govt is offering financial credits for installations of Utility Scale Solar projects using US manufactured and sourced products. To receive credits, the products used must have the majority of their materials sourced from the US and 100% of the labor to build must be in the US.

What to Know about OneMonroe Integro Solar Products

  • 100% US Manufacturing
  • All Cable and Molding Materials are Sourced from US manufacturers
  • Typically OneMonroe Integro products have 70%-90% US Material far exceeding the requirements of the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Products Include the Following
    • DC Harnesses – 2 Input to 14 Input
    • In Line Fuse Assemblies
    • Extenders and Whips
    • Motor Gap and Conversion Jumpers

By using OneMonroe Integro for your solar harness needs, you can meet the criteria of the IRA and receive government financial credits for your project. Reach out to our solar harness experts today.

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