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OneMonroe Integro are molding experts with over 30 years experience, providing waterproof and durable products for rough environments like airport runway lighting, ship building, mining, and heavy power distribution. OneMonroe Integro are experts at molding heavy duty, durable and waterproof connectors.

OneMonroe Integro molds its harnesses with materials that bond permanently to the cable jacket to guarantee waterproof connections that will withstand rough environments for many years. While others in the market rely on a mechanical fit which does not yield a heavy duty, waterproof product. OneMonroe Integro uses Prysmian’s newest innovation in cable – Sun Gen E series of cable. This cable provides an outstanding bond to our molding materials ensuring no water intrusion and also being mindful of our carbon footprint in the industry.

What to Know about OneMonroe Integro Commitment to Quality:

  • OneMonroe Integro uses Sun Gen E Series Cable from Prysmian
  • We use ultrasonic welds to guarantee maximum continuity in its T, X, and Y Molds for its DC Harnesses
  • We use the latest technology in its fully automated cutting and stripping equipment. All lengths cut and cables stripped are precise with no nicking of conductors.
  • OneMonroe Integro uses the latest technology in its fully automated connector assembly equipment to guarantee perfect crimps with precise torqueing to the installation specifications.
  • Molded fuses available in 2 sizes
    • Small – 5A to 30A
    • Large – 35A to 60A
  • Our solar products include the following
    • DC Harnesses – 2 Input to 14 Input
    • In Line Fuse Assemblies
    • Extenders and Whips
    • Motor Gap and Conversion Jumpers
  • All products are listed to UL9703 with certified quality
  • OneMonroe Integro offers great deliver schedules and industry leading customer service.

To learn more about the superior quality solar harnesses available through OneMonroe Titan, reach out to you sales rep today or contact us for more information.

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