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Amphenol UTX Crimp Tool

Proudly standing as an official distributor of Amphenol connectors and tools, OneMonroe is your go-to destination for quality products at unbeatable prices, coupled with swift and effortless online ordering. Recognized as a leading manufacturer of electronic and fiber optic connectors, cable, and interconnect systems, including coaxial cables, Amphenol has an array of offerings to meet your diverse needs. Explore our comprehensive collection of Amphenol products at OneMonroe Titan and benefit from the quality and reliability of our offerings.

Amphenol Tools

At OneMonroe Titan, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of Amphenol tools, each designed to facilitate your solar installation processes. We provide an assortment of tools including the connector hold tool, wrench tool, universal unlock tool, crimp tool, and tool kit.

Our Amphenol H4 Crimp Tool Kit serves as a prime showcase of our product range. This all-inclusive kit bundles several tools such as a cable stripper, cutter, and a wrench tool, along with various sockets. To enhance its versatility to fit your specific needs, it comes with male and female PV contacts for 10, 12, and 14 AWG. It’s an excellent investment for solar installers and contractors who aim to elevate their efficiency and curb costs by fabricating their own H4 wire extensions. Furthermore, the standalone Amphenol Tools we carry are engineered to operate seamlessly with H4 solar connectors.

Amphenol Connectors

Our collection includes an extensive variety of Amphenol solar connectors such as male/female H4 connector sets, individual H4 connectors, PV connectors, branch connectors, and connectors suitable for #8, 10, and 12 AWG PV Wire. All these connectors have earned UL-listing and comply with RoHS standards. A lot of these connectors are frequently utilized to create solar panel extension wires or lead wires. What distinguishes these connectors is their impressive attributes such as the ability to withstand high voltage, low contact resistance, and robust resistance to UV rays and Ozone. A significant number of these connectors are ready for immediate field assembly.


As we conclude, remember that OneMonroe Titan is your ultimate destination for superior Amphenol tools and connectors. We promise unmatched quality paired with the most affordable prices. Our commitment extends to streamlining your solar installation process, making it economical and seamless. If you can’t find a specific product or need help selecting the best fit for your requirements, our expert sales team is ready to guide and assist you. Don’t hesitate! Connect with us today and let us uplift your solar installation projects to new heights.

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